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Juice Dispensers

Janes Beverages have an extensive portfolio of juice dispensers. These includes our on-trend touch screen model which is extremely versatile, dispensing both 5 and 10 litre products.

This superb dispenser can supply 6 drinks plus still and sparkling water. It is also wifi enabled and portion control/payment ready.

We also stock our all in one 2 and 3 flavour plus chilled water counter-top models, also accommodating both 5 and 10 litre juices. This can also be personalised with your own artwork if required.

These are all supplied free on loan (JuicePad touch volume dependent).

We are also a nominated supplier of TUCO (The University Caterers Organisation) for their Soft Drinks equipment and juices to a number of University establishments.

Janes Beverages supply a huge portfolio of Pure Juices, Juice Drinks, Sugar Free Juices, Squashes and Vitamin enriched drinks.

We are always looking at New Trends within the marketplace and have introduced Vegan drinks and an added range in 2019 and have already been looking at new products for 2020.

Try Us Out For Free

We know that it is sometimes difficult to know if a concept will work without trying it out. That’s why we offer a free trial on our range of machines.

Make sure you’re 100% happy with our product and service before you commit.

If you are a Caterer or in Procurement and offer cold drinks for the Education Sector, Hotel & Leisure or The Care Industry then we are the right partner for you.

We offer a range of Fair Trade and Ethically sourced products in both our Cold Drinks and Hot Drinks range.


We supply a range of coffee machines for the food and hospitality industry.

From economical, easy to use soluble coffee models, through to top-of-the-line bean to cup machines we’ve got it covered.
We also offer a range of traditional espresso machines for a truly authentic experience.

We offer a range of Fair Trade and Ethically sourced products in both our Cold Drinks and Hot Drinks range.

A Sustainable Service

Janes Beverages are working with suppliers and customers in becoming a more sustainable company.

We are developing products with a better sustainable outcome.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle

Reuse: Keep Cups, Reusable Cups. Let us help you find a solution.
Reduce: Reduction in packaging waste with our new Eco Boxes.
Recycle: All of our boxes are fully recyclable.

Branded Water

If you’d like to offer bottled drinks with a little class, take advantage of our labelling division to supply custom branded water.

Available in RPET sports bottles or glass, in 330ml and 750ml, it’s the perfect choice for conference rooms, hotel bedrooms, restaurants and the leisure industry.

There’s a choice of cap colours and we’ll handle your artwork for you.

Service and Repairs

If you own your own coffee machine, we can offer servicing and repairs by our skilled technicians.

We carry spares in stock for a wide variety of models, so you won’t be without your machine for any longer than necessary

We service and repair machines from Stentorfield, Coffetek, Westomatic, Bravilor, Melitta and LG.

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